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I have been a client with Sherkica since 2007 and her service is impeccable. Carod Properties provides monthly statements, deposit rental payment in my account and provides the tenants with excellent service. The company and staff keep me informed of the properties status. It is a blessing to find a PM and company that cares for my properties since I do not live in that state.
G. LaVann

The "Keys" to to Profit, Occupancy and Property Preservation for the Novice Landlord

Property Management with a P.O.P.P is a resource guide for both the novice landlord as they begin their journey into self -managing their investment property and landlords that seek new tools to improve their management methods.

Regardless of how one begins their journey as a landlord, the process of making a profit, having long term occupancy and the preservation of the investment can be a challenge. However, with the right “keys” of proper processes, realistic expectations and a prepared “stomach” for the roller coaster of being a landlord and the right tools, success is inevitable.

In this book, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre details the steps, resources and the best practical methods she has used to assist landlords to maximize profits, attract quality tenants and build processes that lead to long term occupancy while ensuring that the investment is protected and well preserved. Sherkica has gathered the best of her knowledge and experience, gained over the last 20 years in property management and compiled that encyclopedic knowledge into an easy to read resource for any landlord. 

With so many gems, the information contained herein will educate, equip and empower any landlord on the key elements of building passive income, while strategically working to limit the turn-over in their rental unit and ensuring they do their part in maintaining their property. 

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I've used Sherkica and her firm Carod Properties as my property manager for the last eleven years, and cannot say enough about the professionalism, and expertise of their property management. As an overseas owner, I have complete confidence in their handling whatever issue may arise with my property, and couldn't imagine doing this without them. She has been a pleasure to work with.
Franklyn Victoria

About the Author

Sherkica Miller-McIntyre dove headfirst into real estate investing 18 years ago providing lease buy-back options to new home construction buyers whose deals were falling through. Buying directly from the builder allowed her to capitalize on both the leasing and sales market in the early 2000s. Building passive income from the leases and earning five-figure profits on 12-24 months transactions lead Sherkica to desire to earn an additional source of income… the commission!

After earning her sales license in December 2004, Sherkica immediately gained her Broker’s license in 2005 and ultimately earned the title of Broker In Charge and Property Manager of Carod Properties. Sherkica, along with her supportive husband and business partner, Gary, has been able to exponentially grow Carod Properties, one of the top property management firms in the Charlotte market.

Having served over 500 investor clients and more than 1500 resident families in North and South Carolina, matching the needs of investors across the world to the housing needs of residents, Sherkica has gained the title of “One Stop Shop for Investors”.

When I came to Sherkica I was running around managing several rentals and losing thousands of dollars every month. After just one meeting I knew Sherkica and her team was right for me. Now several years later I do not even think about my real estate & just receive payments every month, Sherkica her office takes care of everything!"
Frank T. Mitchell
Charlotte, NC
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